About Us
Inheritance of Expertise

We inherited the drawing and production technology from the former Chairman Mr. Bing-Huang Ho (the father of globes), and established Globe to develop the first two-hemisphere fitting mold in Asia. Since then we keep developing higher-quality exquisite globes.

A Journey of Continuing Efforts

In recent years, we have escaped the framework of the traditional globe and customize unique globes for customers, hoping that a globe is no longer just a globe, but can also have the aspects of education, decoration and functionality. Globes always give people the stereotype of an educational tool, and it is difficult for them to be used for decoration and art collection. Therefore, we employ innovative technology and excellent quality to meet our customer needs, in the hope that our globes can also become high-end ornaments.

Product Features

We use double-sided printing technology, so you will see two different patterns as you turn off the lights, and acquire different knowledge of the Earth.

To maintain the social and physical environment of the places around the world where we operate, we switch to LED which is more environment-friendly and power-saving.

With the continued growth of the world, we have developed more and more functional globes to allow more choices for our customers.

We focus on customization and are service-oriented in providing customized products. Corporate customers have selected our globes as the gift of choice, and print their own logos on the base or the surface of the globes as their unique customized gifts.

We have encountered many challenges in our journey of more than thirty years, but we still continue our efforts in the world of globes.